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Originally posted by GothiX
Would that make it any more of a reason to post it here?
Post it where? I showcased a story and an idea, asked if anyone was interested, and invited feedback. So I throw in a question or two and get a discussion about proper placement of thread posting and content.


SP scripters are hard to come by, next to none really. Any available are into their own projects or have moved on. Most scripting now is in MP, mostly because SP sucks to work with. But it is my preference being an old school gamer and being inexperienced with playing online.

So if there is a question why it is in the showcase forum, it is because it is just a project I'm working on and I presented it as such. I could possibly figure some of this stuff out or just work around it. I am just a Star Wars fan using the mod community as a medium of creativity and enjoyment of the SW universe.
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