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Note the absence of supermod or admin in this thread. Reason? Because unfortunately, mod promotion isn't decided by the population, but by the superiors.

Frankly, I'm flattered, especially on my birthday (which I note no one has congratulated me on ) but I doubt it'll make a difference. If it does, then I'll be very happy, but if it doesn't, I won't be surprised and/or dissapointed.

Thanks anyway.

Oh, and Roy, I'm currently back home so you don't live anywhere near me at the mo, but this time on Saturday, I will be. :P

Originally said by rogue Nine
Supermods are overrated anyway
Okay, so one supermod showed up, but my point still stands.

Yeah, I also want justification on those 4 members who said I was useless. You know who you are.

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