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Early Previews

Empire At War will be set during the classic Star Wars period, predominantly centring around the events of Episode IV: A New Hope, though there will be a certain amount of cross over from Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith.

'The game begins two years before A New Hope',states Brett(Game Producer). 'Well be trying to weave stories around the characters and events from that film,so youll see how certain heroes came to be under one sides control. You can also expect to see ACCLAMATOR-class assault ships - as seen in Episode II - fly along side Imperial Star Destroyers from the classic Star Wars.'

Space and planet-based missions bundled together in one strategic package. In fact, judging by the screenshots in PC ZONE magazine (UK, February) shows that the game certainly is shaping up to be the FIRST EVER strategy game to meld the epic 3-D space based battles of Homeworld with more traditional ground based RTS missions. This is something which, if done right, could just propel PETROGLYPH's project into a new real-time strategy game dimension.

But how will Empire At War manage to stand out from an already hugely competitive RTS field? Find out in part 2 tomorrow.


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