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2 ways wich make sense:

You go into COnsole and type:

/cl_avidemo x

whereas the x defines the frames taken per second.

now do:

/g_Synchronousclients 1


/record blabla

Your base/screenshots folder gets now filled up with single shots of the ingame action you can compile into a movie later on with a video converter such as VirtualDub or TMPGEnc.

Now if you set the cl_avidemo to a high value, lets say like 25 you'll get MANY pics in your screenshots folder and in a resolution of 1024x768 they will take away much space so I recommend to use a lower value (between 10 and 15)

The other method would be to use a Realtime Video capturing tool like FRAPS (
They offer a Trial version with limitations though.

This tool just records your ingame stuff into an .avi format (can also become very huge though)

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