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Originally posted by CapNColostomy
Q. What infamous bounty hunter did Grand Admiral Thrawn once pose as to fool the rebels?
Man, you *almost* got me there..... I was thinking fett, and then it dawned on me... the other fett... Jodo Kast.

Thrawn impersonated Kast in an intricate scheme, which IIRC was described in the 'Tales from The Empire' compilation.

Kast, was a bounty hunter, who also wore mandalorian armour, so often used to be mistook for Fett. Kast often used this to his advantage, letting bounties and creditors think he was Fett so as to collect the $$$. Fett eventually caught up with Kast on Tatooine and put an end to him(this was described in a Boba fett comic. which I think was called 'Boba Fett : Twin Engines of Destruction' or something thereabouts )

phew !

this is what Kast looks like (as per the Star Wars customisable card game )

* * *

Q. Who is Keiran Halcyon, what other name is he known as, and how did he discover his true heritage ??


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