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A. Keiran Halcyon was the name Rogue Squadron pilot Corran Horn took when he decided to attend Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. He discovered his true heritage when his R2 astromech Whistler played a message for him left by his father, Hal Horn, letting Corran know that his true grandfather was not Rostek Horn as he had previously thought, but Nejaa Halcyon, Jedi Knight. Corran decided to take up his grandfather's legacy and attended the Jedi Academy not only to honor his progenitors' memories, but to help him in his search for Mirax, his wife.

This one may be a tad bit obscure, but here goes...

Q. Who was Zeth Fost and what name is he better known under? (Bonus: Name the Corellian smuggler he once worked with.)
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