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((For heaven's sake, I'm sick of this. I'm taking over JoJo's char: he hasn't responded to eitehr of my two PM's.))

Jedash pressed his ear to the cool, metal doorway, trying not to breathe. His breath echoed in the confined space of the storage closet, and beads of sweat trickled down his neck and pooled on his back, soaking his Jedi tunic.
The corridor was empty by the silence of it, but it took Jedash a moment to pick out the soft footsteps of leather boots. A solitary person, most likely a hostile. Jedash held his breath. The footsteps grew closer and closer until they were right in front of the storage closet, and then they stopped.
"Why should I bother locking this?" came the Dark Jedi's muffled voice through the durasteel door. "Ah well, Elai...the bridge captain told me to seal everything."
Jedash heard a series of beeps as the Sith punched a code into the keypad outisde the closet, and his eyes widened. He'd be locked in alive! the Jedi leapt to his feet and wrenched the door open with the Force. Before him stood a Sith, hand still in mid air infront of the key pad. Both of them blinked at each other.

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