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((Marin told Hal and Alessa what was going on, didn't she? ))

K'Warra: So. What are you doing here? I have to wonder what made our captors go through such lengths to attack such ways they did. A bit odd for a small group of immortals and their sidekicks.

Aidan: "Sidekicks"?

Guy: You were told nothing by your captors?

K'Warra: C'mon, Jonathan - that is your name, right, not "Guy"? You know all about Shadows. They're not stupid people.

Guy: Not every one of your captors was a Shadow.

K'Warra: I got the strong impression that the non-Shadows of the group had no idea what was going on, except the two mercernary leaders. They were just following orders for lots of money. Going to explain? I'm just curious.

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