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But then he looks at the middle part of the old hag and sees...OMG...a penis! And feels a slight tweeching in his arse. And he yells: "FOR ****'s SAKES!!!'' Then starts vomiting alover the his bed because he noticed that the hag WAS dead. ''Oh, no" says he ''If someone knows about this i'll be called a necrophile or what the ****'s it called''. He pinched himself and saw that wasn't a dream, and then he cut a bit of meat from his arm and still IT wasn't a dream. It isn't a ****ing dreAM . WHAT will our main character do to kill the mutant burger and get himself rid of this dead transexual hag that lying on his bed? OR is it possible that the burger was just another ilusion created by the acuds he is consuming?????
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