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((Actually I was waiting on WJ to post , and Hal/Alessa could at least of said hello.))

Heimdall: I'm sorry Tanara, that is not a good enough reason. It takes time to train someone, and until that person is trained they put everyone around them in danger during combat. You also need to consider this, we will be heading into very deadly situations, do you want to expose your sister to that? Plus, how much combat experience do you have? Can you actually train her?

Think about these, and if you decide you still want her to come along, can properly train her, and have figured out a better reason for us to take her along come talk to me again. I'll most likely be in the ship.


*A drake stands up in the surf, spreading his wings a little, and walks onto the beach heading towards everyone gathered around K'warra, Chere, and Cody.

When K'Warra made his comment about sidekicks the drake let out a deep laugh, and sat down near the gathering.*

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