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Originally posted by lukeiamyourdad
I've heard that the SP portion of Halo2 is also repetitive(I haven't played that yet since I do not own an xbox and need to go to a friend's house to play).
Not really. You trade off between playing Master Chief and an elite. It's actually pretty fun. The only annoying part to me in Halo 2 is fighting the flood. The Library in Halo is what made me stop playing and not finish Halo, because it got too repetitive.

And as far as Xbox games go, this is one of the best ones. It's really fun for SP, and for MP, it's a blast.

And as far as computer MP goes, I like Unreal Tournament 2003. I didn't buy 2004 yet, so, maybe I'll wait 'til 2005 comes out. But UT2k3 is pure joy! I remember summer days in 2003 playing against Kjolen.

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