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A commlink message comes in form the Imperial scout requesting to join the rebels.
"Don't do it Sir," cried Grey 7.
"Shut up 7, I never said i was," replied Thrack angrily. "I don't trust him... Grey 11 pick him up and take him to Transport 6. Then lock him up in a cell, we'll see how trustworthy he is."

At that moment a barrage of blaster fire came from AT-ST below.
"Ahhhhh damn it, they got my co-pilot, and my engines. This is Grey Leader repeat Grey Leader, I'm going down, mayday, mayday," called Thrack on his commlink.

The snowspeeder hit the ground hard and slid 50 or 60 metres and came to rest in a snow drift. Thrack freed himself and pulled out his dead co-pilot, then collapsed on the ground in concussion.

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