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Tanara turned away, frustration flooding her face. Somehow, she had known this would be the response, but it caused her some irritation. In this moment, Kira's voice began taunting her and she began to loose control.

Even from a distance, Elaina could tell something was wrong. Without really even thinking about it, she covered the distance between herself and Tanara in one great Force-aided leap.

"Resist her, Tanara," Elaina whispered, gripping her sister's hands. Tanara growled softly and pushed Elaina away. With all the strength she could muster, Elaina lunged into Tanara, taking both of them to the ground. Elaina ended up on top of her sister and placed her right palm on Tanara's forehead.

"I may not be able to resist her myself," she whispered, "but I can help you do so!"

After a few minutes of struggling, Tanara went limp, staring in shock at her sister. Elaina bent forward and kissed her sister's forehead. Then, she sat up again. With a light touch, Elaina sent Tanara into a deep, Force-aided sleep.

"Rest," she whispered, making herself comfortable at her sister's side.

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