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me and my squad ran into the battlefeild and took down a bunch of imps and matt jumped into a turret and laid waste to the imp vehicles... he then jumped out and threw a gernade into a tunnel... "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" BANG i jumped into the tunnel and my squad followed me...we came out into a hangar that was controlled by the imps... matt placed some mines around and the wookkie hu was named jack(he he yea a weird name for a wookkie ) placed some time bombs on some improtant stuff... we ran out and we out of the hangar and there was 2 AT AT's... there was a pilot in 1 and the other 1 was empty... "hey jack give me a time bomb..." i ran over to the occupied AT AT and placed a time bomb on it's leg... "let's get out of here guys!" 3-2-1 BOOOOM debris went flying everywhere... we then ran into the other AT AT and started walking away... no1 would kno we stole it until we started attacking them! he he

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