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just call me Fergie. (no I'm not a girl, and no I didn't get the name from the Royal Fam nuts. I'm a true blooded Arky, so the words "Great Britian" just mean nothing to me. )
Hadn't been on here much due to college fun, girlfriend, and fact that GB off topic ended up moving out...and the subsequently died down. heh *shrug* It's all good. I'm back...and suprisingly enough I didn't lose my Super Mod status in the whole process, so I'll try earn it again.
I'm really thrilled at the prospects this game has, so I pretty much expect to be active in the speculation, etc involved, and I also intend to do my best to keep order...when there are like 5 other mods all around me posting. lol. Oh well, it may not be like GB back in the early days where spammers and newbs ran rampant all across the land, but it's still good stuff. heh.

I'm a gamer of course, why else would I be on here. Played pretty much all the LucasArts games I could get my hands on, from Reb Assualt and Dark Forces all the way up to KOTR and SWG. I've always had a dream for a huge space battles SW game...hopefully this game will be the answer...because I've had to make do with Rebellion and Homeworld mods for a LONG time, since FoCom and GB were laughable (heck, alot of people even consider Rebellion got some MAJOR criticism when it came out)

feh, enough with my rambling. I'm odd and I know it, I figure you'll know it soon enough too. There, that pretty much sums it up.

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