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*Heimdall watches Tanara's breakdown and Elaina's helping tackle with dispassion. He listened carefully to what Elaina told Matt, then crouched down by Tanara and Elaina.*

Heimdall *In a firm voice*: When you sister awakens have her come and see me. I'll be in the lounge of the ship, you may accompany her if you wish.

*Heimdall stood and looked at the Drake sitting next to the gathering, and when the drake noticed Heimdall looking at him both nodded their heads in greeting.

The Drake then spoke to Heimdall in his deep voice without raising it. Heimdall stood thinking about what the Drake had said not responding for a couple of moments*

Heimdall *only raising his voice slightly*: We will do that tonight, once the sun has fully set.

*The Drake nodded in agreement, and returned to watching the group. Heimdall gave another nod of his head, turned and finally made it to the Asgardried. Idun meet him at the top of the ramp.

Heimdall: How is Vidar?

Idun: Resting, Valda is watching over him.

Heimdall: Ok, we have a gathering with the Drakes tonight, an hour after dusk.

Idun: Alright, I'll make the arrangements and inform the others.

Heimdall: Thankyou, since your going to be talking to the others, anyways would you mind also telling Svafa that Marin has accepted her offer.

Idun: Excellent, it will be my pleasure to tell Svafa that. Back to the forge now?

*Heimdall, and Idun continue to talk as they go deeper into the ship*

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