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Mmmm, the old days. Jeez, you guys remember the posting craze? The desperate rush to get to the title of Three-Headed Monkey? Man, what a blast from the past. Or how about the signature surge? That was a ball...

...and the award threads! Link On! The Pirate Singing Game! And of course, the game projects. Niko, remember that one that you did about the wizard? The one you tried to make look oldschool? I think it was called "Black Magic". I think I still have that on my computer. And hey, how about Man on the Run? Or even Niko's last one (if memory serves) -- the spoof on Marilyn Manson and his undead goth army?

Ah, and the lyrics.

Sigh. Wistful memories of old.

I can't seem to think up a good signature.
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