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Post Strategy For Rhen Var Harbor Mission

Hi All

Here is a strategy for the Rhen Var Mission where one side has an AT-AT or an AT-TE. When you play as the Rebels DONT and I repeat DONT! stay and destroy the AT ATs you will not last long and your forces will be wiped out. Go to the Ice Caves and invade from there because the Empire can't get it's Speeders and machinery in there. Don't worry about the base, your forces can keep the empire at bay. Kill the troopers in there and capture the Ice Caves command post. Next you will come to a sort of like a dip where you can jump down or go round. Troopers will be at the bottom of the pit. Kill them with your blaster rifle and a few grenades or explosives. When you get to their base,Run out of the Ice Caves when you have a clear opening (no troopers) and KILL KILL KILL, watch out for respawning Speeders, hostile troopers and manned turrets. If you can I would recommend getting into turrets and holdig ground until you have captured the Western LZ Command post. When you have, go round and attack the AT-AT or AT-TE from the rear. It will be destroyed. By then you should be able to win from there because the Empire or the Republic will have hardly any troopers and no speeders to back the walkers up. Hunt down any remaining enemy troopers to claim victory. Note: This strategy also applies to the Confederacy. I'll be posting the strategies for the Empire and Republic if i get any interest in this walkthrough,otherwise it is a waste of my time.Thanks
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