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1. Real name: Brent

2. Date of birth: 07/16

3. Date of death: (pending)

4. Gender: Male

5. First Lucasarts game you played all the way through (without cheating): The Secret of Monkey Island (1994)

6. When you're playing a video game in which you can choose which character to play, do you usually choose the character that you consider the most attractive member of whichever gender you're attracted to? Usually the one that looks like the "smartest" choice i.e. Bernard.

7. Which would you prefer, being devoured alive by wild jackals, or being forced to read all of Kevin J. Anderson's Star Wars novels over and over for the rest of eternity? I'll take hidden answer C. a cup of sand

8. Name a movie that you've really liked despite almost everyone else you know not liking it: The Princess Bride

9. All of these lists always ask you to talk about your most embarassing moment; What was your least embarassing moment? When I got the basketball in backwards from half-court while a couple of really cute girls were watching.

10. Alright, now what was your most embarassing moment? One time I was looking at a picture with/of my good friend Haley, and I thought it was her sister Sarah, and I said it out loud.

11. Hypothetical situation: You visit Mojo one morning and find out two things: One; that they're making a live-action movie based on the Secret of Monkey Island, and two; that it's being directed by Joel Schumacher. Who do you run to for comfort? My friends.

12. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? And would you use it for good, or for awesome? The teleconesis, the ability to change things with my mind. I would be able to fly and move things around without touching them, I could read minds, and change the shapes of things. I would use it to help out people who needed me. "Awesome"

13. Do you think answering this question will bring you bad luck? no

14. What do you think of question 13? I think that it is only necisary to keep the stupidity of the questionaire to a fair level, to avoid keeping it from becoming humorouse or worse serious.

15. If a book were to be written about your life in the year 2004, what past-tense verb do you think would appear the most often in it? tried

16. And if not, which (current or past) Lucasarts employee(s) would you most like to meet? Ron Gilbert

17. Which Homestarrunner character would you say you have the most in common with?Homestar, I am slow.

18. Who is the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about? Top Cat

19. Are you tired of these questions yet? no

20. How about now?yes.

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