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There has to be some sort of manufacturing limiting factor involved in the game or else people will simply build tons of Death Stars (if available) and destroy every rebel planet. Its a "REAL" time strategy game, it has to be sort of real in that you have logistical limits in creating your forces. That's the beauty of the game. It takes mental skill to defeat your opponent. Resource management is what wins a war. That's why Hitler lost WWII, he didn't have the resources to compete with the Allies.

That's why 3-D shooter only players don't like RTS games because they typically (I'm not trying to be insulting, just stating the obvious, so I apologize if I have offended) don't have the patience to manage the resources to do combat. I understand this, sometimes you just want to blow stuff up, I hear ya friend, you want big large scale battles with dozens and dozens of AT-AT's, I mean, who doesn't???!!!!

Go big or go home.
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