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About an hour later, Tanara awoke with a start. Elaina glanced down at her sister sharply and reached out quickly to place a comforting hand on Tanara's shoulder.

"Relax," Elaina whispered. Tanara sat up slowly and stared at her sister.

"You didn't take her back, did you?" she demanded, alarm spreading across her face. Elaina smiled and shook her head.

"Even though I was angry with you earlier, I know I can't control her," Elaina said. "I simply helped you retain your control of her."

"You jumped," Tanara said suddenly, her mind seeming to work at lightspeed. "With the Force, I mean."

"And used it to knock you over," Elaina agreed. "So you see, being possessed by Kira did have some perks."

Tanara laughed weakly and shook her head. Elaina nodded.

"Not funny, I know," she said softly. Then, as if just remembering, she said, "Oh, I almost forgot. That guy... don't think I ever learned his name..." She described him.

"Heimdall?" Tanara asked. Elaina shrugged.

"I guess so," she answered. "Anyway, he said he wanted you to go to him when you woke up. He said he'd be in the lounge."

"I'm not leaving you," Tanara said softly. Elaina grinned.

"I think it's more proper to say I'm not leaving you now," she said. "We're going together. He gave me permission to come along."

She got to her feet and helped Tanara stand. As they turned toward the ship, Elaina glanced down again at Tanara's replacement arm.

"You know, I have an old leather coat you might turn into a glove for that," she said thoughtfully. Tanara glanced over at her sister and raised an eyebrow.

"Does it bother you?" she asked. Elaina looked away.

"Well..." she began. "I guess it does a little."

"When this meeting is over, I'll help you find that coat," Tanara promised. Elaina's face brightened.

"Great! It's on my... I mean your fighter," she said. Tanara looked at her.

"You found it?" she asked. Elaina nodded.

"Maybe we can convince these guys to let you take it with us," she suggested. Tanara laughed.

"We can find out after we know what Heimdall wants," she said. The two entered the ship.

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