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*shrug* Not necessarily a manufacturing limit. I figure if you end up building a death star it's going to basically cripple your economy with cost. It'll tie down so much resources that it can be somewhat unfavorable to build one...and the build time on the Death Star is probably astronomical too. That's the main limit right there. I mean, you have to think about it. Would you rather tie down your shipyards for years building a deathstar, or make 4-5 star destroyers (or whatever) in the same time period. Do you have the ability to put all that focus on one thing. Or should you just make the star destroyers and distribute your power to various fronts that are in despirate need of reinforcement.
Death Stars are self limiting.

and yes, resources will definitely have to be involved in this game...or I will be very weirded out. I have no idea how you can have a "conquer the galaxy" game and not have resource management (FoCom's point system just wouldn't really work too well when you have to worry about all those armies and navies,'d be more akward and cumbersome than streamlined) admittedly I don't expect to see any "in battle" base building, but I fully expect to see a setup somewhat similar to the Total War series outside the battles, but probably a lot more streamlined.

What will be interesting is to see how the heros play out. Because they've admitted heros will be in there.
Will heros have special vehichles like Luke's X-wing, or will they add bonuses to the capitol ships they stay in...or what...hmmm...I'm officially curious. lol.

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