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Originally posted by Tanesh
Q. Who was Lex Kempo and how did he die?

Damn these "Tales of" compilation. They occupy a very old and vague space in my memory !

I'm pretty sure this is from "Tales from the Empire".

OK. Lex Kempo was a crazy corellian who paraded around in a modified imp scout armour. He was initially was an imperial scout, but then defected to the alliance/new republic, working within the Red Alpha unit. He eventually broke off from this, joining Red Moons, a paramilitary unit.

He met his end by driving a repulsor sled full of explosives into a slaver compound on Gabredor III, leaving a crescent shaped trail of destruction in the compund - the symbol of Red Moons.

* * *

Q. Who was Kir Kanos and Kenix Kil, and what were their respective occupations ??

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