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((WildJedi: I'm assuming that the two went to the lounge

BD: Since different spellings equal different words they most likely did have a set spelling, but probably had numerous names for them. Regardless, I have a fixed spelling . ))

*Heimdall is seated in the lounge with Idona besides him, hovering in front of him is a ball of fire. In the center of the ball is a silver ring, it was adnored with mithril knotwork. Idona watched the ring in the fire for a moment before returning to cleaning her sword. Shortly afterward Tanara and Elaina walked into the lounge.

Heimdall spoke a word and the ball of fire disappeared and the ring fell onto Heimdall's out stretched hand. He then placed the ring upon the table, for being in flames it was not hot to the touch. However, the mithril knotwork began to pulsate shortly after the ring was set down on the table, Heimdall smiled at that and then turned his attention to the two Tanara. Idona meanwhile stopped cleaning her sword and let it lay in her las and regarded the two sisters.*

Heimdall: Have a seat if you would like. *He waits a few seconds for them to sit down ((Assuming that they did but if they didn't doesn't really matter))* Tanara an hour ago I told you that your sister would not be allowed come along with us once we leave this planet. Consquently you almost let Kira regain control of you. Your sister stepped in and prevented that from happening and in the same stroke gave us a reason to take her along.

After speaking with Idun, she and I have determined that your sister's presences may be critical to you keeping Kira imprisoned in your mind. As such if you still wish, Elaina may join the group and travel with us. There is a condition, Elaina will be taught by you under our supervision how to fight. Her training will begin tonight, and continue everyday until she has gain enough skill not to endanger anyone around her in a fight.

*Heimdall then looked at Elaina*

Heimdall: The final decision of course is yours Elaina. You should know that the quest we are on is very dangerous and eventually you will be force to take someone's life.

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