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Glitch on TSL Nar? [Spoilers]

I might have discovered a glitch, or at least a broken quest, on Nar Shaddaa. I don't know if this really belongs here or in Trouble Shooting, as this might actually be figured out and not be a glitch.

If you have Handmaiden dance for Vogga and put him to sleep and then wake him up to talk to him, you can't open his vault, as he will see you attempting to put juma juice in the kath hound water dish. Is there any way to put him back to sleep, or must I continue on, never being able to delve into his treasury room?

BTW, just wondering, but how do you beat Nar Shaddaa? I know that you have to piss off the Exchange, but I have done every other quest excluding

New Fuel Source
Seeking Passage
Ebon Hawk ID Signature
New Trade Routes
Trade Wars
Vogga's Horde (The one that I can't complete because I think I broke it)
Vogga the Hutt
Landing Rights

In that order.


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