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[K1] Chained Force Lightning

Chained Force Lightning mod released.

Two beam effects to choose from:
Download (lightning beam)
Download (shock beam)
(PCGM links down...)

Download from

Have you ever thought Force Lightning and Force Storm were just a little too much alike? This mod makes Force Lightning behave significantly different. The lightning now chains from one enemy to another with diminishing power in each arc. It's most effective on groups of 3 or more enemies where you can get a "closed-circuit", causing multiple zaps.

First arc: 1d6 per Jedi level of best Jedi class (max: 10d6)
Subsequent arcs: diminished by 1d6 for every arc after the 1st

17m per arc

This mod consists of just a single .ncs file: k_sp1_generic.ncs. Up until now, I don't think any other mod distributes that .ncs file (including AIOFPM). So it should be compatible with just about everything.

Screenshots available at the download site.

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