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ok, finished Star By Star a litle while ago, and it wasnt awful, but i dont think it was awesome, Coruscant falling should have really merited its own book, i was dissapointed with how it took second place to the voxyn storyline, allthough Anakins death was an excellent piece of writing. Compared to Chewie's death, it was far far better. Actually reading this book i felt Chewie could have quite feasibly died fighting Tsavong Lah, and i maintain my disappointment with the way that he died. Star By Star was good in many places though, i enjoyed Borsk Fey'la's death - scheming to the last and what i did find promising was the rising of the dark side in Jaina towards the end - an interesting twist to a character i previously found rather boring (of the 3 solo children the one that died was the only one i liked). i cant be too critical of Star By Star though because i bought and read the next book in the series, Dark Journey, so SBS must have done its job.

Dark Journey was fairly enjoyable, I was disappointed Jaina didnt go further down the dark path and she seems at the end of the book to be recovering from her near fall. The swiftly deteriorating battle over Coruscant at the start was my favorite sequence of the planets fall, particularly the pilot who notes with horror that Coruscants lights were going out, a very powerful image in my view. im undecided whether to continue reading the series, what is the next book? and more importantly is it any good?

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