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Originally posted by Alien426
How far did you get with your engine? You mentioned that you won't develop it any further, but do you have a demo to download? What else are you working on?
...well, i kind of lost interest... it isn't really far, it loads stuff from a xml-like file and you can navigate using the arrow-keys... the alpha-stuff works though it's ineffectively and slow (high cpu usage)...

...and it'll currently only compile on linux (or other unix systems, given there's a libdl and x11)...

...if you want you can download it there:
...but beware, the code is quite messy...


...i worked a bit on my v4l console radio application ( ) and filed a debian rfp (request for package) bug report (i already debianized the source) and hope that it will be integrated in debian sid...

...atm i work on a file ripper under linux (but it's supposed to become portable), since i always liked mrip ( ) became open source recently, but it's mainly written in clipper and it's completely messy, so i thought writing a new ripper from scratch would be nifty...

...looking in my c-directory, i see alot of started but never finished stuff, like several attemps at a rpg-thingy (2 times with svgalib, 1 time with x), a "3d-engine" (really, really basic stuff, nothing useable), two modplayers (amiga-soundmodules, 1 try in c, one in c++... they work (for 4 channel "m.k."-style mods), but they use far to much cpu)... i often start something, then get another idea, leave my current "project" behind and start the new idea, so i rarely finish something (in fact, the only project that is kind of finished (as in useable my "normal" people) is my DMCRadio...)...

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