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Post [K1] My mods are finally available in English

It took a very long time, but finally, it's done!

First one:
Enhanced Sith Saber v1.2 (English / German)

This mod will replace the Sith Lightsaber you find on Korriban with a fully upgradable, uniquely skinned Sith Lightsaber with special properties. For this to work, you must not disturb the Sith Statue. Otherwise,you must start a new game.
The original mod "Enhanced Sith Saber v. 1.0" belongs to Shimaon, but he quit modding for KotOR (at least until KotOR II) and gave me permission to continue his work. So here it is.

Second one:
Mekel Recruitment Mod v1.1 (English / German)
New link download also includes the patch file for cjt0202's Carth Romance Fix 1.1.

With this mod, you can replace Zaalbar with the Sith-student Mekel on Korriban

* the earliest point to recruit Mekel is in the Tomb of Tulak Hord
* if you can't or don't want to recruit him right then, you can ask him to meet you later
* Zaalbar's personal quest must be completed before Mekel can join the group; however, he will wait for you at a meeting-place on Korriban until you have finished everything
* new Journal Entries!
* new Dialog!
* new Banter!
* modified dialogs (if Mekel is in your party, he won't sound like Zaalbar)
* new items (three quite powerful lightsabers and a robe; it depends on your behaviour how much items you will get from Mekel)
* source scripts included

The second mod is quite big, but I should have found and deleted most of the bugs (I hope). Should you find one, please tell me.

My KotOR Mods:
English & German

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