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I think this can be somewhat important I'm reposting it *rather copying it to this thread*

The Asgardried is a very large ship. The design of the ship is similar to that of other Aesirian ships. In other words it is shaped to resmeble western/european dragons (not Easter/oriental ones). The ship is propelled by four Mark II Dagur engines. Weapons emplacements are concealed so that when the ship is not fighting it appears to have no weapons. The ship has just three levels, much of the space is devoted towards weaponry, power, etc. The ship also has quantum armor, a cloacking device, and normal shields. Cortosis is also weaved throughout the entire ship making it resilent to lightsabers.


1st level: Essentially the maintence level. Access: Restricted.

The first level of the asgardried is devoted to critical systems. Towards the aft of the ship the engine room is located. there contains the fusion reactor that powers the ship, the hypdrive generator, and slipstream drive.

Shield generators are also found on this level. Entrances include an exterior access hatch, and turbolifts. A large part of the 1st level is for storage of various supplies.


2nd Level: The living level: Access: More or less unrestricted.

The second level of the ship is where the group has access to.

Crew quarters: These rooms are the ones assigned to the group. They are comfortable if a little small. They are furnished with a single bed placed in an alcove above and below the bed are cabinets allowing for the storage of personal effect. A cabinet next to the bed allows for the storage of clothing/armor ect. The rooms also contain a desk with draws with a chair. The desk has a computer terminal that allows the group to access the holonet (or what is left of it). No messages can be sent though. There is basically a reading light above the bed.

Every two quarters share a refresher, which under current circumstances means the majority of the group have private refreshers. (With the exception of Sir Vin, WH Irvine sharing one. Gortick and Orthos sharing another).

The Lounge: This is the common room of the ship. It has a couple of large round tables with marble centers. The tables have cletic traids engraved into them. Benches provide seating. Also serves as the mess hall. Has monitors that can connect to the holonet, play holodramas. Futhermore, the lounge servers as a briefing room, fully equiped with holoprojectors and all the other necessary items. When it is being used as a briefing room the tables retract into the floor benches turn around to face a podium that is raised up and next to the podium is the holoprojectors.

Main Cargo hold This large cargo hold is spare in decoration and houses Guy's ship. Located in the aft of the ship. There are some large closets for storage of items that need to be secrued.

There is a large cargo lift to the first level here to take things into long term storage. From the main cargo hold is a secondary one and past that is the a very large bulkhead and then the engines.

Kitchen Relatively small, contains a refrigertor, oven, stove etc. It also has a couple of taps that lead to mead. The kitchen is manned by droids who also restock it.

Bridge The bridge has five stations: Pilot, Copilot, Navigation, and communications, as well as a weapons control. There are an additional two chairs for passangers.

Staterooms: Larger then the crew quarters and more elborately decorated. They have private refreshers, more storage then the crew quarters as well as two large comforatalbe chairs and a small table. The Aesir all have staterooms.


The bridge is at the bow slightly raised (have to go up a ramp equal to about half a flight of stairs. The main entrance is located at the bow of the ship, below and to the right of the bridge. you have to walk down a ramp (again about half a flight of stairs) to reach the entrance. There are two corridors that run parallel to each other and seperate the brige from the entrance (aka you have to walk a little before getting to the entrance). Both corridors bring you to the lounge, the right side fo the lounge houses the kitchen. After the lounge there is a single corridor that leads to the quarters. Almost immediatly after the lounge are four staterooms (two starboard, and two port). After the foru staterooms come twenty crewquarters (again half to port and half to starboard). After the crew quarters there are six more staterooms (these are currently unoccupied). After that the corridor turns to a smaller lounge (single table and some benches) and a finally to the cargo hold. There are also turbolifts at the bow and aft.

*The cargo hold opens doors are in the starboard, and the corridors when the two corridors that lead to the bridge and main entrance meet they form a cross. Going starboard you will find an airlock where the ship can dock. To port is a secondary entrance.*


3rd level: Access: Only the Aesir, Marin and Aidan are allowed up.

Layout: In the bow you have the forward observatory, which is basically a lounge with large windows. There is a single door in the rear bulkhead that leads to the central corridor. Once leaving the forward observatory you will find on the immediate left the bow turbolift. After that there is another two doors on either side The Starboard door leads to a practice room. This room is sparesly furnished having really only tumbling mats and practing dummies. On the other side of the corridor is the armory. Going further down the corridor you get the central lounge very similar to the forward observatory (large windows). This room also serves as a pilots ready room. Past that are two hangers Likewise is seperated and house two viking fighters (for a total of four fighters). At the very end of the corridor is the aft turbolift and the rear observatory. It is small room with windows like the others similar to a meditation room.

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