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"Simple but comfortable," Tanara was saying as she and Elaina left the ship and headed for the place Elaina had set the fighter down.

"Everything I... Kira wanted is in this," Elaina said. "She didn't want much, so it should all fit in there. But aren't we going to take this along?"

"I didn't ask," Tanara answered. "I think it would be better not to. There's a lot of history behind this fighter, but history is not enough to keep something from being destroyed. I'm afraid that is what would happen to it if we took it along."

"They'll dismantle it if we leave it!" Elaina objected. Tanara nodded thoughtfully.

"I'm sending it back to Coruscant with a message to Corbin," she finally said. Corbin was the man Elaina had seen before she set out to find Tanara.

Within about ten minutes, the little fighter lifted off and sped away.

"That's done," Tanara said, taking up some of Elaina's belongings and turning back toward the Asgardried's resting place. Elaina followed her.

Quite a while later, the ship reached Coruscant and Corbin was delighted to see it coming.

"Ah, Elaina's back," he told himself. He approached it as it landed and was surprised to find it empty. Climbing into the cockpit, he groaned and unwittingly triggered Tanara's message for him.

"Greetings, Corbin. Do not be alarmed at Elaina's absence from the fighter. She has found me and will be staying with me. Look to her instructions for the ring she gave you upon her departure and see to it that the job is done when we return. I know not when it will be. Until then, be careful."

Corbin stared at Tanara's image in silence. Then he nodded and got out of the fighter. Sealing it shut behind him, he returned to his work.

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