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Been meaning to answer this for a while now.


Asgard: being the Aesirian Capital planet surprisingly it doesn't have the largest population of the Kingdom/Empire (still haven't decided ) There are 11 major cities in Asgard with populations in the between 50-80 million(all major cities have similar population ranges). Valhalla has 150 million residents. Total population of the planet is 80 billion. *Keep in mind Asgard is around the size of Jupiter*

Vanaheim Has 20 major cities, total planet population 85 billion.

Alfheim Has 9 major cities total population 8 billion.

Nidavelir Has only 2 major cities but a population of 9 billion

Svartalfheim: Has 19 major cities and a population of 50 billion

Midgard: Has 4 major cities with a population of 4 billion.

These are only the major planets of the Kingdom/Empire. In total the Aeisr number between 500 billion. The Aesir have built numerous space stations, inhabit the moons around their primary planets, have bases and colonies on other worlds.


Jotunheim: Has 16 major cities, and a population of 90 billion.

Utgard: Has 10 major cities and a population of 20 billion.

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