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Rustic left the cantina after a few drinks, he looked both ways, then went left.

after a few minutes of walking some thugs decided he owed them credits.
"hey bud, you owe us some credits! 2000 to be exact!"
"no i don't think i do" Trent said with a wave of his hand.
"hey, i'm a toydarian, mind tricks don'ta work ona me!"
"hmm, well i don't owe you credits."
"then we have to do this the hard way, get him boys" a few more thugs came out with vibroblades and lasters.
"alright." rustis said, then ingited hsi saber, deflected 2 shots, jumped in the air, force pushed oen into a wall, cut the arm off of another and force threw the last into the other one. Rustic deactivated the saber then turned around and walked back to the turbolift.

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