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Originally posted by CDRSeadog
An excellent job on both mods, Tanesh.

BTW - you may want to check out my Holowan Laboratories report for today - you (and your mods, of course) are in it:

or you can check it out here:

(mmm - check it out AFTER I have filed my report for today - right now, I'm still working on it - as of 0937 AM EST *chuckles*)
Cool. I feel all important now.

Originally posted by Darth333
Look great I haven't played the mod yet but from our past discussions, I know you've put a lot of work in this mod and that there are many details. Will try it next weekend!
Thank you. I'm glad that you're finally able to see what I've learned from you (ok, and from some available source scripts from KotOR itself ), for I knew nothing about scripting before.

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