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Name: Jacob Stack

Age: 11

Location: Pitt. PA, USA

Occupation: None...wait does fifth grade student count?

Hobbies: Gaming, Playing Guitar, Soccer, Football, and BasketBall

Favourite Music: Ozzy Osborne, Good Charlotte, Blink 182 and all other Punk Rock Bands.

Favorite Songs: Breaking the Habit(I love this song....Breakin the Habit, tonight!)

Favourite Games: Halo 2, KotOR 2, and MechAssault 2: Lone wolf, Mercanaries 2 POD

Most Awaited Games: Mechassault 2, Mercaneries POD, KotOR 2

Gender: Male

Style : Punk

98 percent of the teenage population has tried some type of drug or underage drinking at some point. Put this in your sig if you like potatoes.
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