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Bok's old imperial shuttle appeared our of hyperspace outside of Coruscant. His ship landed at an old secretive landing outside a larger black tower building. Two of the new battle droids rolled out beside him. A larger emblem adorned the entry to the building. Czerka Corporation. He went up a large elevator accompanied by the droidekas. He was still in Neimodian form while he entered his an office. A man sat at a desk and said with a startled look,"Master Gundar I wasn't expecting you back here anytime soon. I hope your time on Roventa was spent well. By the way why was it that you were there?"

Before he could say anything else Bok motioned with his hand and the two destroyers rolled in. The man at the desk had a startled look on his face before the two droids shot him down. Bok's body morphed back into its normal form but still adorned with the Neimodian clothes. He entered some data into a holocom at the desk.

Bok has spent his whole life restarting the Czerka Corporation, an old weapons company that went defunt thousands of years ago. He has been under the identity of the Neimodian the entire time. In the past few decades he has been supplying the New Republic with weapons. But know he has made his allegiance with the Sith in resrufacing the Trade Federation.

What he just did was complete a new transaction to the New Republic. One that gave them new weapons that will self destruct with one press of a button. This included the weapons in their ships as well. He opened up a private comm chanel to Darth NeoVenom. "It is complete master Neovenom."

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