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Heimdall: Thank you Drago, they are going to have a hard time to convince me to allow that.

Oh, before you go I want you to know something. What I said outside ealier was not intended to insult you but to keep some of the more impressionable minds out there open to possibliities they may not have thought of yet. Even that last comment was not so much for you but for Tanara. If you took offense to any of these, indeed it seems that you have at least to some of them, I apologize that was not my intent.


Vidar's Stateroom

*Valda is placing the the old bandages in a bin for disposal when there is a knock at the door.*

Vidar: Enter.

*Idun steps in looks at Vidar and then Valda*

Idun: How are you doing?

Vidar: Almost good as new, just a little tired.

*Vidar's legs suddenly give out on him, and he begins to fall, but Valda is immediatly by his side to support him, Idun a step behind. Together they help him onto his bed.

Idun: I came to finish up healing these wounds of yours, alright?

*Vidar nodded his consent.*

Idun: Alright let's begin.

*Valda helped Idun as she worked on Vidar's remaining wounds. The treatment took just ten minutes to complete, but left Idun exhausted. Vidar who was already tired long before hand was now fast asleep*

Idun: Well, I'm going to go the upper deck and sit down and rest for a little while.

Valda: I'm going to stay here, and keep an eye on him.

*Idun gave Valda a knowing smile*

Idun: When he wakes up, just make sure he rests.

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