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Otto starts riding toward the mansion. He got there. It was quiet, it seemed odd though, nobody was there. He looked around and could see blood, lots of it...

"Roy, where the hell are you!" Yelled Otto
"..." Roy walked out of the mansion, he looked bloody and was missing limbs
"What the fu**." Said Otto

Roy walked over to Otto slowly. Otto backed up and pulled out his Cougar Magnum, he aim carefully, Roy made a lunge, Roy bit Otto but then Roy got shot.

"Shi* this bit** is infected with the virus Roy was talking about, I should have believed him." Said Otto

He picked up Roys Desert Eagle. He also noticed a note and a green liquid. Turns out the liquid was the anti-virus. Otto used it then walked back to the jeep. He looked in and the man operating the machine gun was dead.

"Crap gotta get out of here!" Said Otto

He pulled out the dead soldier and got in the Jeep. He drove off...

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