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1. Okay, yes, poor choice of words, however Heimdall is still antagonizing Drago, so he's further inflaming the situation, and doing it deliberatly.

2. Yes, again, I missed that, but it was a whisper.

3. Vidar left before Drago could voice his sentiments and he didn't appear to be in any fit state to recieve him later either. In that case making his feelings known to Heimdal instead is not an insult, rather Drago is removing the any reason for him to trouble Vidar later, albeit at the expense of due process.

As to the question of inciting Heimdall against Vidar, that would never enter Drago's mind and he would expect Heimdall to share Drago's comment with his brother. If Vidar took issue with what Drago said he is well within his rights to ask for an apology, which in this case Drago would deliver most humbly, since he did not percieve the insult and was not only at fault but also "unwise" in voicing his sentements.

Now lets look at the wording of the comment, "I fear your brother has made an unwise decision." It was not, "Your brother has made a foolish decision." Translated it actually reads.

"I think that your brother has made the wrong decision, this is my opinion." So Drago is offering an opinion in as sensetive a manner as possible, given the circumstances. He does not say that the decision was foolish, simply that from his perspective it was unwise, or ill informed.

Drago is not saying that the decision is an unwise one, just that he feels it may be. By comparision Heimdall called Drago foolish with no mitigation at all, added to that he did it deliberatly and directly.

As I posted before, Drago does not see leaders as infallable, nor does he see himself so. If Drago belives that Vidar, or any other leader, has made a wrong decision he will say so. Having voicesd his sentement he will then proceed to freeing the captives/engage the enemy/murdering the women and children (although you'd have to give him a very good reason for the last one).

A further mitigation of Drago's percieved insult is tha he effectivly withdraws it after Heimdall's next words, "I admit I do not have the information Lord Vidar has but every time I run into him I find my self running into trouble." So Drago has further allowed his words to be tempered by admitting that Vidar may know something that he does not, which may justify his decision. The fact that he restates his opinion regarding K'warra is not an insult because it no longer has any bearing on Vidar's decision. Drago is simply restating his opinion, based on past experience.

So I think that the main thrust of my argument remains, because even if Drago did insult Vidar, and by extension Heimdall, he withdrew any insult as soon as Heimdall pointed out the flaw in his argument. The Fact that he retains his own opinion on the matter is his own buisness and in no way reflects on Vidar.


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