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((BD: It is not so much of a debate as a interesting look on how two similar but different cultures precieve insults))

*Idona looks at Heimdall*

Idona: That was very kind of you. Going to let Allessa stay?

Heimdall: If they have a good enough reason then yes, but given what we have seen of Allessa so far they are going to need an very good reason.

*Idun walks down the cooridor heading towards the bow turbolift*

Heimdall: Idun, how is my brother doing?

Idun: Well, his wounds are finally healed and he is currently sleeping, Valda is watching over him.

Heimdall: Thankyou

Idun: Your welcome, I'm going to head to the upper lounge anyone care to join me?

Idona: I will in a little while.

Idun: Ok, I'll see you up there.

*Idun leaves the lounge and gets into the turbolift.*

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