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Post Hire On Demand PC Division

Welcome to the official thread for the clan Hire On Demand PC Division. I am BlitzWolf, leader/recruiter of the PC division. We are looking for fresh recruits willing to play cooperatively in a squad based setting against other clans in Star Wars Battlefront.

We are currently registered at a few leagues and of course the tournament on Febuary 5 sponsered by IEF.

Since taking out time to type in directions and responses during the game generally leads to a quick death and those messages that do get finished are generally unreadable (maybe it's just me but I just can't seem to type fast and not have words/letters missing in this game ) we would like people who want to join have headsets. Although of course we will not require this, we prefer that you have a headset to use since we will be playing with TeamSpeak.

One feature used ONLY by our clan (as far as I know) is our Hire Us feature. Since we are a mercenary clan it is only fitting that we be true to our mercenary standards. We will work for anyone if they wish to hire us. Say you are missing a clan member and you are just short of a person for a clan battle. Send us an e-mail notifying that you would wish to borrow one of our mercenaries. Send us an e-mail with the date, time, server, password if need be, position you need filled, and if you want anyone specific. We will then have one of members help you in your fight. After the match send us back an e-mail with information as to how well our clan member aided you, if you were satisfied, and such. Be sure though to make sure that the other clan you are battling know that you are borrowing one of our members.

Our clan website is Use this link to find more about our clan. Be aware that squads are subject to change as members join and I tweak them to fit the clan best for the type of tactics we will use.

Also be aware that our forums are currently down (another reason for openning up recruiting as I have lost contact with several of my members). To reach me for any clan related agenda, such as joining us, hiring one of our members, clan challenges (not open to chalenges as of yet), basic questions, feel free to contact me at

I'll see you in the game. Happy fragging everyone.


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