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Name- Trent
age- 23(i don't remember hwo old i was in the game)
clothes- Black dress patns and white button up t-shirt
weapon of choice- Desert Eagle .50
bio- CIA and FBI

Trent opened hsi eyes to see he was in the FBI headquarters.
"welcome bak trent, i see you suceeded"
"yeah" trent said kinda of dizzyily and has burry vision "but it wasn't really me, i just helped" trent sat up, took the headset off and crushed it.
"alright boys, i need to get in contacts wiht some friends, form the game, form there, i will call you and tell you your next instructions."
"trent then turned aroudn and walked to the HQs lunchroom, he got a ham sandwhich then headed to the competrs area.
"Agent John i need the address of Tara Lake"
"yes sir" agent john sat back down at hsi computer, opened a few programes and then turned to trent.
"she lives on walstreet 231"
"good, thanks" trent then went to the weapon rack, grabbed his shoulder strap and desert eagle he loaded at and then grabbed a leather jacket and went to hiscar.

(i'll edit it later)

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