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Taking another look at her computer, Tara noticed the message from Matt. With a low growl, she sat down again.

"If it's your hell we escaped from, I'm sure I don't want to talk to you," she wrote. "Go find your friend, Adam. You know, the guy you must have taken orders from. The Creator and Swordmaster will find you... and we won't be alone."

She signed it and sent it off. Then, she went to the phone and dialed the number Trent had given her.

"I need to speak with firefox 11 27 A2 omega alpha," she said. There was a pause before the person on the other end of the line spoke.

"Where did you get that code?" he asked. Tara sighed.

"If you want to know reasons, ask the man himself... he gave it to me," she snapped. There was another silence before the voice came on again.

"He is currently unavailable. Would you like me to leave a message?"

"Tell him Tara needs to get in contact with him," Tara answered. "Tara Lake."

"Oh!" the voice said. "That's quite a different matter. I believe he may be on his way to you now."

"What?" Tara asked after a pause. There was a little chuckle.

"Your address is no secret," the man said. "We gave it to him and he should be on his way."

"Ah," Tara said, still slightly confused. "Thank you."

She hung up the phone and turned to Jack.

"Troezen and Trent have been located," she said. "On a more troubling note, the programmers may know where I live... Trent seems to. As soon as he gets here, we're leaving."

She sent another message to Troezen. "Troezen, my location is very likely well known amongst the programmers. We'll still be in New York and we'll find you when you come."

((Cyborgninja, just in case you haven't read the other thread, I'll explain. Adam is a character controlled by guybroom and is the main bad guy programmer... that's why Tara told you to find him since your orders were taken from him. Understand why she's not willing to meet with you... after all, you helped alter the game she worked hard to create.))

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