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Originally posted by Lord_Costy
hehe, nokill and I are in competition for recruits

Speaking of which, I never got my application back for the Masters Tourney, Nokill. Is it still on or not? I need to re apply anyway, my clan name has changed...

yes its still on if you have read the forum oftenly

and we are both in a competition for new recruuts
there pretty hard to get for battlefront i must say but maby hat will not take all to long

we got 92 players and where now doing the times and stuf then later this month it will start

and yes its true not all confirmation mails gotten tro to the ppl

Originally posted by ZorXe
Nokill can i join your clane???? If you have msn so take my msn plz will join your clan its cool
yer yer yer you can join
come to the forum on or on the forum
and do you have msn?

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