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Zan-Cool and the others walked into the cantina. It was dimly lit and was full with a mist. Looking around, Zan-Cool can see many species chatting amongst each other as the bartender gave drink to people around the bar section of the cantina. A teenager in the right hand corner of the cantina rose his hand to catch Zan-Cool’s attention. Zan-Cool looked back at Zamar, his master, Alyssa, and Riebe and walked over to the teenager.

The teenager rose to his feet and extended his hand towards Zan-Cool. Zan-Cool shook his hand. “Long time no see, Zan.” said the teenager. “Yeah I know, Zil” said Zan-Cool with a smile. Zan-Cool turned to face the others and spoke to them, “This is my cousin Zil.” Zil sat back down, ”Nice to meet you all. Please have a seat.” Zan-Cool took a seat next to Zil, “Zil, have you heard anything on Coruscant regarding…” he dropped his voice and continued to speak, “…the Trade Federation?” Zil has a disappointed look on his face, “Unfortunately yes. Rumors have it that there’s a base of theirs here on Coruscant. I don’t know where this base is but I think I do know someone that might.”

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