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A-Wing Slash

Category: Spaceflight
Type: Tactics
Affiliation: New Republic

this New Republic naval battle technique required split-second timing among a group of starfighters. The maneuver usually employed a group of X-Wings which flew directly toward the defensive line guarding a capital ship. Flying just behind the X-Wings would be a group of A-Wings, hiding in the X-Wings' drive glows. The X-Wings disengaged their attack at the last second, drawing the fire of the defense with them. The A-Wings could then strafe the undefended ship at will. It was very similar to a saggery-blossom maneuver.

Specter of the Past, by Timothy Zahn, copyright 1997, from Bantam Spectra Books

The Last Command, by Timothy Zahn, copyright 1993, from Bantam Spectra Books

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