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As Tara and Jack prepared to leave, Jack happened to glance at the computer one more time. There were two messages from Troezen and one from somebody else.

"Tara," he said. "Do we know somebody named Vlad?"

"I don't think so," Tara answered, stopping to look. A look of amusement crossed her face. "He has the answers we need? As if we need answers?"

"Vlad," she wrote. "Thank you for you kind offer. However, I am in contact with the creator of the game. We know the answers. I'm still a little puzzled... my email address isn't something I give out freely... if you truly are on our side, hunt Adam."

Then, she responded to Troezen's email.

"Troezen," she wrote. "The sooner you can get here, the better. You may have heard my stories about the game being turned from its original purpose. The reason for it was that the lead programmer, a guy named Adam who showed up just after you left, is trying to kill the Creator and myself. Don't worry about weapons... we have enough here."

"When will Trent get here?" Tara demanded impatiently, sending the emails and standing up from the computer.

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