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OJP! That would be great!

We are currently modifying the story a bit for reasons of character development and accuracy. It will be the same theme, same enemies, and your player character serving the Empire.

I wanted to keep player character choice in the mod so we are still working the angle of the story from that point. But on certain levels you will be in Imperial uniform (Stormtrooper, sandtrooper, etc. whatever condition applies) and some levels will be forced gunplay where there really isn't any saber combat.

It would be great to integrate this into the OJP mostly because of the limitations I am facing in the SP campaign as far as editing goes. *frustration*

Were you wanting to have this as an SP and MP campaign, or just serve it up as a campaign for MP?

I know about the OJP, and I really like the idea.

Co-op is the way to go!
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