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Niner: Very funny (happy now? )


Q: Where does magic or other supernatural power come from: the gods, the "mana" of the world, the personal willpower or life force of the magician, somewhere else? (ex: for the Force, it's the Force itself, presumably usually through midichlorians) Is magic, etc. an exhaustible resource? (For the Force - are there instances anything like Kyle Katarn's "pool" of power which he could deplete through rapid overuse?) What long-term effects will usage of magic or other supernatural power have on the health and/or stability of the user? (Especially if the "spells" must be fed with the user's own willpower, life-force, sanity, or other mental or metaphysical personal resource.) Do different races/species have different sources for their magic/supernatural power, or does everybody use the same one?


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(Will post an answer to both the question I skipped and the one above ASAP. )

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