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*shake* people are stupid.

people want to be master WAY to fast... they keep grinding and grinding.. and when they got it...."im bored. im quitting"

*sigh* just take things easy for a change.. and ENJOY the game for once. im force sensitive... and i have: *drumrole* ONE! skill in combat prowess.... im taking it easy and enjoy the game on many levels.

right now every evening i hit the theed cantina and flirt with all the dancer and musician ladies.

i do some missions and kill some rebels.... make some meds.. buff at the dantooine mining.

and i have a second char.
atex is an architech,merchant, shipwright. and last night i decided to drop shipwright because there are millions. and i love playing music. so im goin entertainer.

on pilot im RSF with Corzip. 3-3-3-3. i did that over ... weeks
on atex im rebel 3-3-3-3 and that i did in 3 days to helpa friens with the end mission... wich he completed without me

thats it

Wraith 8

what is up?
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